Sample Report

Here’s one part of a Regular Target Audience Profile or a Walk in Customer Profile For Your Business:

  • Age 45 to 64
  • College Graduate
  • Female
  • Asian-American
  • Upper Level Executive
  • Income – $150,000 +
  • Married
  • Living in San Francisco,California
  • Found on LinkedIn Channel
  • Attracted by deep discounts

Now take a moment to sit down, bring your business offer in mind and try to figure out your target audience.

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Get Reports About ‘Walk-In’ Customers For Your Business

A report that shows you, who your ‘walk-in’audience is, and how to target them better

A tool to grow your audience and increase your conversion rate


Sample Walk-In Customer Report For Your Business |

Why is a “Regular Target Audience Profile” important for your business

Knowing your target audience is so crucial for you.It empowers you to:

  • Capture the attention of your target audience ;
  • Reach the people who are hungry for products that you have to offer ;
  • Understand if yours is an idea worth pursuing ;
  • Acquire this important piece of information at an affordable rate (my competitors normally charge $1000-$1500 & more for this) ;
  • Quickly take your idea to the next level ;
  • Sharpen your existing offer ;
  • Inject your own personality into your business offers and get more conversions.

Get facts that matter.



Get Demographic,Geographic and Psychographic data about your walk-in customers


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Audience Behavior

Our report helps you learn the behavior of your Audience, why they do what they do, when they do it and how to take advantage of there behavior to grow your business



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Regular Reports

Once you know your customers better, you can serve them better and make more money.Get reports from time to time about your target audience profile or walk in customers for your business.Get to know them in and out even before your introductory call!

Get more from your audience

If you don’t have any idea about your target audience, allow me to help you.I will quickly identify the most natural target audience profile for your product.This customer profile will be genuinely intrigued by your business offering and will immediately perceive a need that your business can fulfill .

Please note

  • One regular target audience report will include one customer profile.A Customer profile includes vital information like your target market size as well as demographic, geographic and psychographic information about them.
  • Target audience reports are handcrafted for each business with love in San Francisco and take up-to 8 – 10 days upon confirmation.
  • Often creative and entrepreneurial business owners find it uncomfortable sharing sensitive information.That is completely fine. Please continue to practice due diligence.
  • We do not sell the information we receive here to anyone.It’s safe.
  • Orders will be processed upon payment via PayPal. We will send you a confirmation with an order reference number.
  • Your email on the form is required as it will be used to share your order reference number and to answer your questions, if any.



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